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The fastest way to move cargo in & out of India is by Air

With this in mind, we have based offices in and around three of the major Indian airports. Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi.
These act as gateways into and out of INDIA set up to provide import customs clearance for inbound freight and speedy, cost-effective handling for our export services.
Our staff has over three decades of experience in all aspects of the import and export procedure. The whole staff is fully trained in the handling of dangerous goods and our offices are also fully compliant with the INDIAN aviation security programme.
At Kiaora Trans Shipping Company, we have the experience of buying power and knowledge to tailor the right airfreight solution for you.

Our Comprehensive Freight Services

  • Airport to Airport

  • General Airfreight

  • IATA / Direct Air Carrier

  • Dangerous Goods Specialists

  • Priority Airfreight

  • Air Consolidations

  • Domestic / International

  • International Document Specialists


Our Services


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